It looks as if the [digital] "series" is finally shaping up. We now have four books in print. Brand new to the series is Owen Demer's [digital] Texturing & Painting as well as the second volume of [digital] Character Animation.

More books are in the works - we'll have a fairly complete encyclopedia of digital FX & animation by the time we're finished. Each book covers its topic in a product-neutral standpoint, so they're great for anyone working in any package on any platform.

All books listed are linked to Amazon's web site. If you want to purchase a book - click on the book cover and Amazon will do the rest!

[digital] Character Animation 2 Vol II (NEW!)

Well, its finally finished. This book takes the basic concepts and extends them further to the world of production. Included are chapters on acting, storytelling, advanced animation, animation for games, human motion, animal motion, and lots more.

[digital] Texturing & Painting (NEW!)

Owen Demers wrote this one - and I truly love it. This is hands down the best book on textures I've seen (and, to be honest, I'm trying really hard not to gush...)

[digital] Lighting & Rendering

Jeremy Birn's book has already become the definitive reference for anyone who works in 3D. His explanation of lighting and rendering is easy to understand, but technical enough to be a great addition to any library.

[digital] Character Animation 2 Vol I

This book gives you the basics. If you've never built a character or animated before, this is a great place to start.



The Animator's Workbook

An award-winning animator offers a complete course on the principles and techniques of drawn animation, covering every aspect of the process. The book covers all of the basics of animation, from dialogue to walking to squash & stretch and much more. This book has become a classic and it is a great book for any animator, regardless of medium.

The Illusion of Life : Disney Animation

Written by the ultimate Disney insiders - two of the original "Nine Old Men" - this bible of animation has become a classic. It explains Disney animation from the ground up and is very complete. There are original sketches, flipbooks and explanations of how memorable movie sequences were made. Though it's a book written by pencil animators, the techniques described are those used by every animator -- including those who animate with pixels.

Cartoon Animation

This is without a doubt one of the time honored classics of animation. This is a reprint that has been expanded and repackaged into a smaller format book that can actually fit on your bookshelf. For years, this was the ONLY book on animation, and Preston Blair is one of the masters, having animated for both Tex Avery (my favorite) and Disney during the golden age. If you only buy one book on animation, this is the one.

Animation From Script to Screen

Shamus Culhane's book is part how-to, part biography of someone who started in animation when cartoons were silent and spent his entire life in the business. The book is greared towards cel animation, but I find it to be valuable reference for all animators.

Creating 3-D Animation : The Aardman Book of

This is a must-have for anyone interested in stop motion, but 3D animators will also find it valuable. Included is info on cameras, lighting, sets, and building characters in clay.